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mountain bike tour vacation schedules

Dreamride specializes in PRIVATE solos, couples and small parties A private party of any size, even a solo rider, can reserve any package on any available date, at any time. We list examples of our trips and prices in the BICYCLE VACATION CATALOG, but anyone can reserve a vacation based on a customized itinerary. Sometimes we will post pre-packaged specialty vacations here that coincide with a peak season event or a chosen week of the year. EMAIL DREAMRIDE or call 1-888-MOABUTAH for more information.


Scheduling Policies

Private parties of from one to four riders can reserve at ANY open dates up to a week from departure, but there are certain times of years when it is best to reserve up to a year advance to guarantee services.

Unlike other tour companies, we never cancel due to low numbers. We specialize in private small groups--the smaller the better, so do not hesitate to call to reserve. If you reserve, your Dreamride vacation is guaranteed, except in times of very bad weather, or when your guide gets sick. We refund $100 to each person for each daily ride that is canceled due to weather or sick guides, and travel insurance covers the rest (if you have it). If YOU get sick, your travel insurance should cover losses in full.

CONTACT Dreamride to ask about availability of specific dates.

Booking is on a first come, first serve basis. All packages are designed and booked for the first client(s), to reserve specific dates. Dreamride's mountain and road bike vacations suit your schedule, desires and skill level, taking into consideration seasonal climate extremes.* We book Moab packages for any fit individual, couple or group of up to four riders. Solos, couples and groups can reserve with ELITE SERVICE UPGRADES. Bike purchase and vacation combinations that include travel outside of Moab, Utah must be reserved at least six months from departure date. Custom packages are available for family or corporate groups of up to eight riders, but must be reserved six months to a year from departure. Our services are personal and dangerous, by nature, so each client in a group must contact us directly to guarantee reservation. Call 1-888-MOABUTAH or EMAIL for more information.

Year Round Operations

Dreamride is the only outfitter in Moab to specialize in private small groups and offer mountain biking in Moab year-round with flexbile recreational options that allow for weather. With enough advanced notice our guides are available any time of year. For our basic vacation packages and prices click on MOUNTAIN BIKE VACATION CATALOG. MOAB IN WINTER IS A WELL KEPT SECRET. Winters are usually mild, presenting visitors with the possibility of riding each and every day, but reservations for winter months are best made close enough to dates to allow weather forecast. Biking is usually possible, but if the weather takes a turn, we go hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing in complete solitude.

Seasonal Daily Departures in Moab

In June, July, August all daily rides depart 5AM to 6AM. Full moon night rides (SUPERELITE PACAKGES ONLY) depart before sunset or up until midnight, sometimes very early morning to allow riding into the sunrise.
March, April, May, September, October, November: Morning rides depart 7 to 9 AM, depending on weather forecast. Afternoon and evening tours (ELITE UPGRADED PACAKGES ONLY) depart Noon to 1 PM.
December, January, February: Day tours depart from 11AM to 1PM.

ELITE UPGRADE PACAKGES follow more flexible schedules for daily departures. SUPER ELITE UPGRADED PACAKGES are supremely flexible with the ability to completely reset for rain, add night rides and additional daily (afternoon) rides on the fly, or to allow for up to 150 miles of shuttle mileage to gain access to mountain singletrack, complete solitude and other special attractions only available when guided by company owners.

Reservation Deadlines, Prime Dates & Limitations

MOAB: If you want to be the first to book a Moab package during peak season (April, May, September, October), it is wise to place reservations six months to a year in advance. Booking later than three to six months prior a departure during peak season usually means complications involving accommodations. Lodgings for special event weekends (Jeep Week, Rod Benders, Moab Marathon, etc) are booked solid six months in advance.

NAVAJO COUNTRY: Only offered to bike purchasers. Best in early fall or late spring. Summer is prime for high elevation rides. Holidays and weekends are best for cultural trips.

COLORADO: Only available to bike purchasers or repeat clients. Colorado trips and packages are by invitation or as part of SUPER ELITE SERVICES. Western Slope rides are limited to late spring through early fall, if at high altitude. Dates for Front Range trips are July and August.

HAWAII: Due to increasing radiation from the Fukushima disaster (sadly) we will discontinue Hawaii as a destination in mid 2015. Meanwhile, we are still open to one or two final trips. Best snorkeling during is during summer. Best big wave surfing during late fall and winter months. Mountain biking and road cycling are good year round. Winter trips must be reserved 6 to 12 months in advance. Summer months require a minimum of 4 to 6 months advanced booking. Holiday dates must be reserved no less than a year in advance. Hawaii's temperatures remain nearly the same year round. Peak season in Hawaii is December, January, February, March. Summer months are best to avoid crowds and the horrible traffic around town when the flocks of fatties arrive for the Christmas holidays. We do not offer day tours in Hawaii.

SAN FRANCISCO: Private custom trips for bike purchasers or repeat vacation clients can happen late July thru August. The last week in June is best for our Twisted Frisco package.


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Call 1 (888) MOAB UTAH in the states.
If you are calling from foreign shores the number is 435-259-6419.
FAX number is 435-259-8196.
or write to:

P.O. Box 1137
Moab, UT 84532

For email contact information click on:

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Flexible dates!
You don't need to fit into someone else's schedule to reserve a Dreamride cycling vacation. Dreamride specializes in private parties, the smallest of groups. We reserve on demand, so feel free to share your fantasy. We will improve on it. Below are ideas for setting up your own package. Images are links to descriptions and rates. Scroll down and look left for scheduled packages to join, but understand Dreamride is the innovative, creative alternative to cookie-cutter trips. Elite guide and vacation service upgrade. Combine a bike vacation with purchase of a custom bike!
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