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Cycling Vacations in San Francisco, California

Dreamride LLCSan Francisco, California
Cycling Vacations & Honeymoons

High Culture City Biking & Mountain Bike Urban Assault
Finest Dining ~ Homes of the Stars ~ Film ~ Theater
Music ~ Fine Art ~ Gay Pride ~ Great Bicycles

            The hilly cityscape of San Francisco and its network of parks and green space put our bikes and hometown experience to good use. Scenic vistas, homes of the stars, and secret cycling gems are high points on a network of legal bike paths, singletrack connections, steep snaking side streets, alleys, and boardwalks. The Golden Gate Bridge was built to give cyclists access to the trails of the Marin Headlands bikeways, fireroads of Mt. Tamalpias and the twisting pavement ribbons of Tiburon and Tenessee Valley. We may shuttle north or south for technical singletrack, but a vacation with Dreamride in San Francisco is really about TOWN. The best damned doomed town in the world. Dreamride bikes from custom Moots frames Dreamride custom bikes for your trip.
A mountain bike is fine for the San Francisco trip, but this may be the perfect opportunity to get the city bike-singlespeed-29er bug. We offer a complete custom California handbuilt Dreamride Columbus steel 29er especially suited for this trip. The Dreamride POE-29 is a bike capable of speeds and refined handling on roads, or it can take you on singletracks and fires roads without modification.

We build exotic road and mountain bikes with frames from MOOTS, PEGORETTIand VENTANA. Our own DREAMRIDE brand bikes are full custom rigs utilizing Ventana and Moots fabrication. Click on CUSTOM BIKES for more informaion. Click on DREAMRIDE FLEET for info on special bikes available for San Francisco rental.

San Francisco Bicycle Film Festival

Lodging and itineraries
are custom fitted to your dreams.

Charter a boat to Angel IslandRIDE HARD. REST EASY. Daily activities are determined mostly in advance, but things can change at a moment's notice to take advantage of opportunities and to deal with any weather anomalies. We utilize hotels in the Haight Ashbury District next to a system of bike paths that lead to technically easy to moderate trails and back roads snaking over the hills through quiet neighborhoods to the Golden Gate Bridge and beyond. There is history, star trivia and incredible scenery along the way. Rides over the Golden Gate Bridge take a different route each time, using the ferries in either direction, the bridge or via a van shuttle. There is a beach cruise at low tide in the sunset or under a bright summer moon. Intermediate to advanced road riders will love the twisting, rolling pavement ribbons of Marin County.

We reside in the Haight Ashbury because it is the perfect place in the center of the city to gather momentum at a comfortable cafe. At the right time we hop on the bikes and head in any direction. For those who want to see the countryside, we may choose to stay out of town for a night or two. In town, you can request guide/driver services on any or all evenings, or, if you want to be alone, we will simply help you find your way safely to the very best dining, film, art and theater events in town at that time. We turn you on to the best ethnic restaurants, the obscure, cherished hip and upscale haunts, the best Mexican, Indian, and places where the Mafia eats Italian, where Robin Williams eats Chinese, where dotcom yuppies feast on Thai-fused glazed tea smoked duck. Just tell us what you want. We get you to the best of the best in the city.

Charter a boat to Angel IslandWe lean on old friends for special services. For example, a jazz horn player friend has owned a limo business for decades and is an amazing interpretive guide for nighttime excursions. A friend maintains a charter sail boat--a scenic, relaxed, private way to get drunk in the middle of the bay, or have your own private orgy. A friend owns a big-deal recording studio with very swanky studio apartment rentals in the Haight-Ashbury District creating opportunities for media or recording company folks who want to network on vacation. Two friends own music stores staffed by up and coming local musicians who point us to the best of underground music and comedy. Through our fine art connections at the San Francisco Art Institute, the filmmakers, videographers and street artists, we cover the underground art scene like a blanket. Solid connections bring electricity to an already electrifying vacation package. Dreamride is the only tour company to be as weird and wonderful as the this city is.

Highway 50 ~ San Francisco to Moab

mountain biking in Northern California

For those traveling from San Francisco to our home base in Moab, Utah:

As former residents of San Francisco, we routinely drive from Moab to San Francisco and back on Highway 50. You have heard of the "road less traveled?" Hiway 50 is the road SELDOM traveled. It is a mythical journey, a scary-spiritual drive along a seemingly endless stretch of pavement where remnants of the mining frontier mingle with wilderness, solitude, one hundred mile vistas, sparse cows and lonely towns on the edge. For Dreamride clients coming from San Francisco, we offer custom Highway 50 itineraries, turning the drive into personal vacation time. We know the delights, pitfalls and dangerous detours. For San Franciscans this drive is one of many good reasons to come to Moab.

Lehman cavesCuriosities, caves, hot springs, archaeological sites, bike shops in the middle of nowhere, ghost towns, roadside art and unappreciated attractions dot the "loneliest highway." If this is your first trip out to Moab from San Francisco, we suggest detouring into Big Basin National Park for a tour of Lehman Cave or a hike into the basin itself. The ancient ones who once lived here believed they were created underground, once sinister and evil. Only when their hearts were good were they released into the light to live on earth. If you visit Lehman Cave, imagine the area completely wild, eight thousand years ago, finding the natural opening, scrambling down into the gapping earth with a stick tipped with a ball of burning fat to light your way. Once Lehman Cave was a sacred burial site, a place where people came to pray. Raped by privateers in the early 20th century, it was soon turned into an underground tourist attraction with lights, blacktop walkways, railings and a freshly-blasted safe entrance. The National Park Serivce picked it up and, knowing that visits into the cave are not good for it, still offer tours of the Archaic Underworld. The longest daily cave tour is a LONG 90 minutes. Photography is allowed. Go nuts. If you aren't a photographer, take the short tour. It is better WITHOUT the Park Service guide, so bring cotton to put in your ears. When they hire Native American guides, we will be more attentive.

wreck on hiway 50If you plan on driving Hiway 50, be prepared. There are stretches of well over one hundred miles without gas and 500 mile stretches between acceptable restaurants. Weather can get more than funky in winter. We see a lot of dead cows on the side of the road in one area. Black cows at night are hard to see. We also see at least one serious wreck on every trip. You can fall asleep on this road very easily. If you get drowsy, stop and take a nap. There is plenty of room to park your car. Try not to park it upside down.

For more info on San Francisco Bay Area logistics to Moab click on TRAVEL TO AND FROM MOAB. To see a file of photographs from the 2004 Gay Pride Parade, click on VINNY'S BLOG.

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We are straight,
but not narrow.

Dreamride welcomes gay and lesbian mountain and road cycling solos and couples. We will set aside prime Gay Pride Week dates specifically to celebrate queers on bikes. Join the parade!

Click here for Moab Vacation listings.

That's right, Dreamride is owned and operated by straight people and the company is based in Moab, Utah, but the idea of Dreamride was created in San Francisco, where Dreamride owners, Lee and Miki Bridgers, lived for almost 20 years and raised a family. They return to SF at least twice a year to visit family and friends. Sure, there are gay people in Moab, but their heads are kept low. The black guy in Moab (originally from San Francisco) is currently in jail for possession of a "roach." Sometimes one must get away from all this great mountain biking and right wing living to ride the "Original Mecca" where people really don't give a shit what you look like or how you think. Join us for a week of scenic urban road and trail, great food, art, entertainment and free thinking in the best city in America.

Vintage Schwinn cruisers.

Offered June through August.

Flexible intinerary. Like bikes we build, each San Francisco vacation package is customized to suit the clients' dreams and desires. Advanced private booking enables perfection of a specific cultural itineray with just the right amount of on and off-road cycling to suit client fitness and skills. We recommend booking up to a year in advance to secure peak season dates surrounding the Gay Pride Parade, a specific film festival, concert, baseball game, art exhibit or cycling event. We may accept reservations as close to two months from departure. This package is offered to one or two couples. Private singles groups of up to four are welcome. There are no limits. Flexible itinerary. Use your imagination. Call for a consultation. Use our ideas and experience as a guide before, during and after your vacation with us. We make dreams come true. It's our job. See the TESTIMONIALS.

Marble at the Munn Gallery

Dago and Ester, street artists

We have a few friends in San Francisco who are legendary street artists. Art is a theme in any trip to San Fran. If you don't like weird, don't apply. If you love the unusual and appreciate people with radical approaches to life in general, then you are a fine candidate for a trip with us.

Gay Pride Parade, dancer

Gay Pride Week is the best time for a deal on a San Francisco vacation. These are dates we set aside for trips to the Bay Area, no matter what, because the Weather is perfect and Gay Pride Week brings in some of the best entertainment and shows of the year. Events taking place at this time include the Gay Pride Parade, several gay film festivals, countless art shows, and a range of music and theater peformances based on gay themes or appreciated by a gay audience. Even television in the city gets better during Gay Pride Week. You needn't be gay to enjoy these prime dates, but this week is certainly the best opportunity for gay and lesbian cyclists to book a private package. We can get you into the parade, if you want to be part of the event, not just a witness.

Pink Bike Man