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father and son mountain bike vacations
moab mountain biking vacations
Mountain Bike Vacations for Fathers and Sons
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25% of Dreamride vacation packages and day tours are booked for fathers and sons. We welcome all skill levels from novice to expert. We welcome mother-daughters, gay fathers with straight sons, any parent child pair. Special couples rates apply and any one of our vacation packages listed in the DREAMRIDE VACATION CATALOG can be booked as a father-son trip. If your son is under the age of 18, please read booking policies relating to MINORS. You may either book a private package or open tour, but younger children must be booked as private. If you book your package as an open to other clients we may match you up with another father and son pair of similar skill and age. As with all of our packages, groups are a maximum of 4 riders per guide.

     "I wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for the wonderful experience that you created for the MacFarlane family. The boys are madly editing the approximately 600 pictures taken to create a lasting memory. We will send you a CD within a few weeks, and you can use them in any way you wish. Both of you are truly unique. We came into your lives for such a brief moment, and yet you shared a lifetime of experience with us. Your interface with the “service” that you provide is so personal and thoughtful. The pace, the attention to detail, the stories, the snacks at the end of the ride… It felt too short. I never heard the raven story. Thanks again for showing us the gates of heaven…" ~ Jamie McFarlane, Toronto, Canada

It is recommended that trips of over 3 days in duration include a day of hiking and/or swimming in order to allow you and your best friend a chance to enjoy recovery and time together off the bike. You can choose from a variety of themes for your trip from paleontology to hardcore cycling and mix these themes to create a rich, varied and educational experience in canyon country. Dreamride is the only tour company based in Moab to be owned and operated by a professional educator. Utilizing this expertise is always a wise decision.

     "I'm still talking about our fantastic five days in Moab in August. Dan and I were pretty new to biking in that terrain (no, we were NEOPHYTES), but we learned fast. After the second day, we felt confident enough to ride almost anything: bowls, ledges, even sand. You chose the right trails each day, getting gradually more technical until that final day of alpine single track. Your knowledge about the fossils, mosses, plants, birds, bugs, etc. really added to the experience, too. I think we made a compatible group with Robert and Josh Schwartz, too. You guys were definitely sprocketheads. Thanks, too, to the hotel staff, who even did our laundry one day. Real nice people. So thanks for a terrific experience." ~Dave Stabler/Portland

Click on Moab based packages offered at couples rates, most suitable for fathers and sons: 3D WEEKEND--5 DAZE--MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS CAMPS--MOAB ULTIMATE.

     "Thanks for the fantastic time you provided Reed and me last week! That the tour was done on such short notice and as a tagalong on a trip that matched our limited abilities was very much appreciated! Can't really express how much we appreciated your patience.
     "Reed has talked about Moab and 'the bike trip' constantly since we arrived back in TN yesterday. He has carried his pictures everywhere and shows them to anyone who will hold still long enough to look at them. To get a 'cool' 14 year old to appear to be excited about anything takes some doing. You were able to get him to appreciate the area and want to go out and do things and actually appreciate your setting, things which were 'uncool' before. He's already starting to bug me about the next trip!" ~Steve and Reed Stevenson, Knoxville, TN

Click on TRAVEL LOGISTICS for information on flights, shuttles from Salt Lake and Grand Junction, and other helpful tips relating to travel to and from Moab, Utah.

Other Destinations ~ Variations on the Theme
For father-son singletrack click on: FRUITA SINGLETRACK CARNIVAL.

Dreamride offers week long San Francisco cycling vacations twice during the year. Late June dates coincide with Gay Pride Week. August dates include concerts in Stern Grove and Golden Gate Park, club bands, comedians, theater and visits to state-of-the-art recording studios. For Gay Pride Week in particular we invite parent-child pairs who understand the pride one can have in a gay or lesbian mother, father, or child. August dates are prime for a father who wants to surprise a son who is a musician. Click on TWISTED FRISCO for more information. Call 1-888-MOABUTH to know more.

If you are looking for an upscale treat for your son or daughter, take a look at our PRIVATE PARTY HAWAII VACATIONS.

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Recommended trips for couples.
The foundation of our business is couples. Dreamride is owned and operated by a married couple (35 years together) who appreciate the perfection of pairs of all sorts. We welcome those who are married, shacking up, traveling with a sibling, parent or child, gay or straight, or even a couple of couples together. Scroll down and click on the pictures below to browse this website for trip ideas for couples, be they buddies, lovers, or next of kin.
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