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4 Day ~ 6 Night with Skills Clinic

DreamrideLuxury, Learning and Good Times

Day One Skills Clinic ~ Day Two On-Trail Skills Follow-up
Day Three Rest Day ~ Followed by Two Rides
Elite Services and Six Nights of Luxury Lodgings Included

Four day packages were added in 2008. It was soon evident that this formula was as good as it gets for gaining skills and gaining access to the best rides around Moab. This package is especially suited to a private solo or couple! Six nights of lodging are included, allowing a rest day in the middle of the series. The package begins with a day-long skills clinic. The second day serves as a skills follow-up on the trail. The third day is a rest day--perfect for a car tour and lounging around the pool. Rest is VERY IMPORTANT, so you may opt for an additional day of lodgings at the onset to adjust for jet lag. Our Elite Service Upgrade provides food during the skills clinic and after every ride. When we say "food" we don't mean the usual crap provided by other tour companies in Moab. We mean organically grown meat (buffalo), fruit (in season), cheeses (goat and cow), grains and vegetables (guacamole, green salad) prepared by company co-owner Miki Bridgers, famous for making people glow after a hard ride. We include the best lodgings in town, just yards from our door. Our rental fleet is built in Moab specifically for our clinics and Moab's challenging rough terrain.

Package includes ~

Six nights of lodging; One on-site skills clinic utilizing our custom skills course and the Bullock Park Singletrack leaving directly from our shop; Three guided mountain bike rides of from four to eight hours; Transport to and from the trail; Tech support, riding tips, and personal natural science interpretation; Bike rental; Access to accessories, components, bikes, parts and labor in our shop; Information on Moab's restaurants and attractions is generously offered; A warm and personal experience that includes all ELITE LEVEL features such as extended range, after-ride food, creative downhill shuttles, and hosting and guide services by company owners.

Lodging ~

Includes a spa, pool, breakfast and the best location in Moab for access to evening entertainment restaurants. Our Moab shop location is easy walking distance. You will not need a rental car, if you don't want one. We suggest renting a Jeep for a single day in the series. Be sure to check out alternative travel arrangements at MOAB TRAVEL LOGISTICS.

Mountain bike rentals ~

We have a fleet of rental bicyles built in our shop especially for Moab terrain. These bikes do not come out of a box. They are customs, just for us. There are also demo bikes, examples of the best mountain bikes we sell, available as rentals for ELITE level packages.

DreamrideClinic Days 1 and 2

Our skills clinics were first featured on ABC's "Good Morning America" in 1996, our first year in business. Since that day when we put the first freeride stunts on national television we have gotten better and better at teaching rough terrain riding to riders of all skill levels. The 4Day~6Night (with recovery day) is the most effective formula we have devised to offer the most rewarding mountain bike vacation in Moab.

Directly below is a short review from Sunset Magazine, October 2002, offering a view of a Dreamride skills clinic from the perspective of the client, an undercover journalist. Since the printing of this article we have constructed a skills course on-site, making the work on specific techniques much more efficient and enjoyable. At any point you can retreat to the shop for food or a simple break from the work at hand. The writer's portrayal of the physical work it takes to make the clinic a success is to be taken seriously. After 13 years running these clinics (Dreamride is the original mountain bike clinic provider in Moab), this 4 day ~ 6 night package demonstrates that we have learned, as well. We put a rest day in the middle for very good reason. Don't think you can use it for more strenous exercise or another physical activity. The rest day is there to make the next two days even more effective in increasing your skills. We may allow you to take a car tour, but we insist that you give your body a break so that the last two days are the best rides of your life! No kidding!

Sunset Magazine
Dreamride group on Fins and Things
DreamrideSkills-Specific Ride Series
Initial skill level is evaluated with a questionnaire and phone interview to help us serve you effectively from the start. Expect your skills to improve vastly over the first two days, allowing access to more difficult and remote trails.

Solo with guide/photog on the Moab Slickrock TrailTo help evaluate your personal skills use the MOAB TRAILS LISTING. The sample list is there for the sole duty of helping you understand how we evaluate skills. We guard your safety by placing you on trails appropriate to your skills and we are permitted for many more routes in the Moab area. Rides are chosen daily to preserve solitude, take advantage of weather conditions, and provide as pure a mountain biking experience as possible. The initial skills clinic further helps determine rides to follow. Expect to jump up a notch in the skills ratings after the clinic and rest day. Our maximum group size is four. This package is ALWAYS PRIVATE! Everyone must be fit and healthy, but, because this is a private trip for the smallest of groups, you need not be well-skilled and the skills of your group needn't be matched from the start. We will take care of that. Fit and somewhat experienced novices to advanced riders gain at least one level of skill within a short period of time. Guide to guest ratio is flexible, depending on experience, compatibility and maturity of the group. The skills clinic utilizes two instructors at a minimum.

Preliminary Skills: Go to SKILLS INDEX to evaluate you skill level prior to booking.

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Dreamride4Day~6Night with Skills Clinic Rates
7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.


Prices include bike rentals, breakfasts, lunches, trailhead transport, private guide and six night of lodgings in the best Inn Moab has to offer. There are three levels of lodgings listed here. All exist in the same complex with pool, spa, breakfast and bike secure bike storage, if you choose to bring your own bike. Level "4" is a King bed, cable TV in a room with a large shower stall. Level "5" is a suite with two rooms, bath and shower, king-sized bed, queen-sized fold-out, kitchenette with frig and microwave. Level "6" includes all level 5 perks with a jetted tub. Rates below include six nights of lodging. Utah sales tax on the entire package is 7.85%. Click on the level of lodgings for a better descriptions of the rooms. The first night of lodging is prior to the ride series (the skills clinic begins the morning after your first night of sleep in town). The last night of accommodations is after the ride series concludes, allowing a good night's sleep and relaxed departure from Moab.

Private Solo
Level 4 ~ $3960
Level 5 ~ $4170
Level 6 ~ $4350

Private Couple
Level 4 ~ $4260
Level 5 ~ $4470
Level 6 ~ $4650
Private group of three (total price for three) sharing a single suite
Level 5 ~ $6020
Level 6 ~ $6200

Two couples in two separate rooms (price listed is for each couple)
Level 4 ~ $3760
Level 5 ~ $3970
Level 6 ~ $4150

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It is not over until you have done the paperwork. Please download the pdf documents directly below. Fill out the questionnaire and waiver and send them via fax to 435-259-8196 or EMAIL.


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LUX Company Favorite!
The 4 day ~ 6 night with skills day format is our most refined package. Focused skills training on our company course and on the trail, personal guiding and carefully timed activities are knitted together with quality rest and relaxation. Due to the physical difficulty of the clinic and the trails we use, a rest day can be the difference between grueling hard work and an exciting vacation, so we give you a break after the first two days of skills training to let your body recover. Elite level services and our best lodgings are included to further reduce stress, to save time, and encourage relaxation and enjoyment before and after each and every ride. Luxury has its place. You deserve it. Private solo trips with bike purchase. Skills clinic included.
The 4 day ~ 6 night format includes a day of intensive skills training followed by a day of skills refinement on the trail. Elite service additions not only offer a chance for more comfortable social interaction with company owners and guides during the day, but assist in recovery. We have found this format to be the effective when combining a day-long skills clinic. If you are a private solo interested in purchase of a new Moots bike, click on the photo above! Dreamride's On-site Skills Course Moab slickrock skills clinics Elite Services Included!
Elite Service upgrades include more elaborate shuttles, additional guides, longer rides, night ride options, two rides in one day, road rides, mountain singletrack, organic gormet after-ride food and drink, and more. Click on the panel below for more information on Elite level services and "luxury" trips. Elite guide and vacation service upgrade. On-site Singletrack Skills Course On-site Singletrack Course "We did a ride at Tamarancho boy scout camp up in Marin a few weeks ago, which has tons of switchbacks up and down, and I could REALLY tell the difference your skills clinic made in my comfort and skill. All that practice in your backyard has stuck with me!" ~ Sherrill Lavagnino environment first Don't bust the crust!
Dreamride's mountain bike vacation services began in 1996 after a privately-funded study of the effects of commercial mountain biking on sub-desert ecosystems. Your safety and enjoyment, as well as preservation of fragile ecosystems, are our prime concerns. Our clinics, once on the trail, involve a lot of local knowledge of how to ride the rock without harming the life that grows there. Good technique and a healthy respect for the environment help us take you further and further into wild country.